• Wheelchair stowed

    Wheelchair stowed be applied flexibly in the operation moving, cargo in warehouses, shops, supermarkets ... good quality, reasonable price, long lifetime.

    Wheelchair stowed

    Wheelchair stowed multifunctional suitable for all cargo demand in any public space. The ability to fold the handle, the heavy loads as well as movement speed quickly without generating any sound, any noise.

    Wheelchair stowed
    Wheelchair stowed

    Structural trolley:
    * High 700mm x 1000mm length x Width 500 mm.
    * Handles made of steel tubes.
    * On hand push shield designed link plate fixed to the hand soldering push.
    * The vehicle floor using 1.2mm thick plates.
    * 2 fixed wheels, has a height of 120mm above the ground (upon request).

    * 2 after rotating wheel and lockable safe.
    * Weight 250kg.


    Wheelchair stowed
    Wheelchair stowed

    Feature highlights:

    * 2 heat-resistant wheels, bumpers shock move.

    * Production of high-strength steel, good load bearing.

    * Tubular steel chassis.

    * The floor plate limited termite.

    * Carrying range of goods.

    * Structural small and lightweight easy to move goods at the same time high-density.

    * Is the anti-rust, corrosion.

    * Longevity lasting, safe movement of goods.

    * Delivery, warranty and 12 months.

    Wheelchair stowed
    Wheelchair stowed

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