• Pallet flow rack is an effective solution for large warehouse

    Pallet flow rack is an effective solution for large warehouse including: synthesis warehouse, industrial sheds, import and export storehouses and trading warehouse…

    Pallet flow rack is an effective solution for large warehouse

    With wide-area warehouses, commodity management will be very difficult during long-term storage, how to store the goods in the best way? What is Effective solution storage for the current?


    Pallet flow rack

    Pallet flow rack

    Operating principles: Pallet flow rack is rack or structural rack integrated with our in-house designed and manufactured gravity flow rails and gravity flow speed controllers. Flow rails decline from the loading side of the structural or boltless pallet rack to the unloading side of the pallet racks. Flow speed controllers control the speed of the pallet as it moves down the flow rails. As one load is removed from the unloading side of the pallet flow racks, the next load flows down into the unloading position.


    Giá kệ pallet flow rack

    Giá kệ pallet flow rack

    Load: > 500kg/pallet

    Pallet Flow Rack Component:

    * Upright: Omega (80/70, 100/70, 120/70)

    * A thickness of steel: 1.5 - 2.3(mm)

    * Have navigation bar

    * Have roller glide system

    Pallet Flow Rack Advantages:

    * High-density storage utilizes space with fewer aisles.

    * First in, first out (FIFO) storage insures product rotation.

    * Where height is not an issue, we configure separate picking from the replenishment therefore allowing for simultaneous operations to occur.

    * Pick aisle faces are constantly stocked.

    * Product flows from the back to front face via the gravity assisted roller lanes until it reaches the pallet stop.

    * Aisle frontage is only required at the first location of the supply and discharge ends of the flow lanes.


    Kệ pallet flow rack Vinarack

    Kệ pallet flow rack Vinarack

    Pallet Flow Rack Applications:

    * Fast moving product with FIFO stock rotation.

    * Time sensitive large volume and consumer goods.

    * Freezers and areas where maximum storage volume is required.

    * Any customer where the rotation of perishables is critical.

    Guarantee period: 7 years

    Pallet flow rack transforms wasted aisle space into valuable high density storage by storing product many pallets deep and putting nearly every foot of floor space and air space to profitable use. 


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