• Selective warehouse shelves

    Selective Racking warehouse designed by engineers for many years experience, used in industries with heavy, colorful, flexible size for each commodity storage needs.

    Selective warehouse shelves

    Vinarack manufacture and installation of warehouse racking systems selective meet almost all cargo pallet size or weight of the goods as required, suitable for all types of forklifts popular nowadays.

    Selective warehouse shelves

    Selective warehouse shelves

    The advantages:

    - Easy access to product code

    - Import under the FIFO method

    - Easy to manage inventory

    - You can export more goods on the same shelf

    - Suitable for use with other types of forklifts now

    - Height store up to 12.8m

    - Saving warehousing area.

    - Powder coating or galvanizing anti-rust, corrosion.


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