• Shelving warehouse raw material

    Scaffoldings flexibility in raw material storage methods, design of materials best quality steel, structural strong, durable and fit most models of warehouse material.

    Shelving warehouse raw material

    Pallets warehouse containing raw materials with versatile storage capacity, heavy duty, high strength, long-term use and is a contributing factor in the work of storage as well as the arrangement and preservation of raw materials in the most efficient warehouse.


    Shelving warehouse raw material

    * Load: ≥ 500kg / pallet
    * Frame leg: Use omega foot frame
    * Counters: Use the frame rail and guided pallet
    * Sourcing practices: LIFO (Enter before production follows)
    * Paint color: green - orange - gray standard (can be changed on request)


    Shelving warehouse raw material

    * Duration of warranty: 7 years
    * High performance storage, the system can simultaneously accommodate 2, 3 or 4 pallet on the shelf
    * Easily import - export goods
    * All products are powder coated against rust, corrosion.


    Shelving warehouse raw material

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