• Steel fence

    Fences structural steel, rectangular, diamond, used in construction, farm, orchard, products bring high efficiency, low investment costs.

    High quality steel fence

    To buy bricks, cement, iron ... to build gates, fences sheds, garages, funding and expensive effort. Vinarack always designed with multiple product codes and beautiful steel fence installation quick and reasonable.


    High quality steel fence
    High quality steel fence


    Detailed description:


    - The thickness of 0.5- 0.8mm

    - Expanded about 4cm

    - Wire knitting about 3mm

    - Shape: rhombus, square, rectangle ...oduct code and installing steel fence pretty fast but reasonable price.

    High quality steel fence
    High quality steel fence


    - Reliability and beauty products

    - Limit rust

    - White Grey

    - Standard Japanese steel

    - High flexibility

    - Raw materials including high quality steel imports

    - Warranty 7 years


    High quality steel fence
    High quality steel fence


    Steel fence diversity in size, rich in variety, advanced features, contributing to better protect your property part

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